The Kool Kid SU ’20


#3 Morgan “Kasanova” Adams

Kasanova- “Known for seducing women or having many lovers.”

Yo wussup?! I’m Morgan better known as Kasanova! Im thrilled to be apart of this great organization. I’m from the “big” (not really) city of Demopolis, Alabama. I currently reside in Tuscaloosa,Alabama #RollTide!! I’m a straight forward person & when my mind is made up that’s just that. You can probably tell from that last statement what my zodiac sign is as well, if not I’m a Taurus. Get into that. I enjoy helping others & being the friend that most can depend on. I’m excited about the growth & expansion of this organization. I’m not much of a talker so pretty much what you see is what you get. #3KasanovaOUT!