Kompelling Konnection SPR ’20


#3 Kay "Komplex3d" Walker

"Komplex3d- consisting of many different and connected parts."

It's A Great Day In Etaland! I'm Kay,  better known as Soror Komplex3d of the SPR2k20 Kompelling Konnection -Theta Line of Eta Kappa Rho Sorority Incorporated. Who I was, pales in comparison to who I've become. This is who I  AM: I am hardworking & ambitious. A lover of people, learning, and good books. Writing is a passion and art is my soul. My goals are to become a business owner, build generational wealth,  and expand & empower my tribe. I hope to greatly contribute to the growth and continuing elevation of my organization and most importantly,  inspire women around the world to become the truest versions of ourselves. 🖤❤️💚


#4 Jay "Konscious" Smith

“Konscious- aware of and responding to ones’ surrounding; “woke”

Greetings, I’m Jaronshay Jenkins-Smith(Jay) but y’all can call me Konscious. Came into the world on September 13,1990. Born and raised in Miami, FL currently residing in Broward County. 
I’m a middle school teacher, I have a passion for helping the youth for they’re our future. Eventually I aim to open a center for at risk youth, that will help them better themselves to become a productive adult. 
I’m proud to say I’m the mother of an amazing little boy(everything I do I do for you My Prince) I’m building to be able to leave behind a great legacy. ETA Kappa Rho taught me to believe in myself and push forward through all obstacles.