Kultivated Kommodity SU '21


#1 Awesumm "Ku1ture" Bolden

"Ku1ture- The customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group"

Greetings from Kappa Land. My name is Awesumm Bolden. I am known to my brothers and sisters as Ku1ture. I am so proud  of my Haitian and Dominican heritage. Born May 31, this Gemini is the first born of my siblings and the first grandchild to my grandparents. I am so proud to wear my letters. Being the Ace of my line is an honor and a privilege. 

I have a shenomenal daughter, Kalanni who is the joy of my life. Going through the pledging process was a wonderful experience for her to witness. I had a chance to show her how I faced resilience in the face of adversity. I will continue to show her that anything can be achieved if you really, really want it. 

I love to write poetry, draw, paint and will one day soon open an art gallery in the same building that my pastry, treat and edible business, Taste Budzz will flourish. I enjoy turning my dreams into reality. 

I plan to continue to grow regardless of my seed being planted in stone. I am the rose rising from the concrete, striving to grow tall, strong and demanding my presence. I will continue to acquire knowledge when presented with the opportunities.