Dynamic Duo SPR '21


#1 Keisha "Zea1ous" Richards

Zea1ous- "Strong passion and conviction"

Hey guys, My Name is Keisha born April 11th and raised In Miami, FL. I am a loving, nurturing, fun, outgoing person who tends to be quite and shy. I cherish life and the people around me. I Love to listen to audibles, read books, travel, and cook. I can be a goof ball and jokester. I love to make people laugh and love watching my loved one’s smile. I became an Eta Kappa Rho Woman because the moment I was blessed to be in their presence, they welcomed me with open arms. I have always wanted to be apart of greatness and here I stand, amongst amazing and powerful women. Proud of the family I have chosen and can’t wait to continue the greatness.


#2 J "Versatile" Williams

Versatile- "Adaptability to a plethora of situations and new environments."

Energy is never created nor destroyed only transferred. Is your energy worth transferring? If not- let’s transform it into positivity. My name is Janita and I am a Miami native. I enjoy traveling, cooking and having new experiences. I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology from the University of Florida. I have worked with Credit Unions for the past nine years in Lending, Branch Management and Business Development. I have a unique perspective in how I see things and I love to display that via my photography. I believe in making authentic, genuine and pure solid connections and spreading positivity one ripple at a time. You have to be true to yourself, observant and agile to adapt to all the changes of the World. The World will always keep spinning so let’s spin with it and spread some cheer along the way.