-The Ineffable Triad-


#1 Reese "EMPRESS" Barrett

"Empress- A woman who is of great power and rank, especially ONE ruling an empire."

My name is Laurise Barrett, born in Florida raised in Jamaica, April 6, 1983. Currently holding the position as a RN soon to become my ARNP. My future goal is to open a skill nursing facility internationally for the islands that most need it, along with opening a agency here within the States so that i can contract international nurse and have them make U.S money and go back home and take care of their families. Basically, creating opportunities where there is none. Founder of HKP: Eta Kappa Rho Sorority Incorporated came about for me when the founder Siaire Stephenson, my best friend of over 20 years, decided to put in play her wife’s vision of a sisterhood between feminine and masculine women. I fully supported the vision and decided to help make it a reality. . I support the goals in unity. As a founder i will ensure that these goals are met with each line that joins. Eta Kappa Rho Sorority is not just a organization, it's a HOME and i welcome you here.


#2 Siaire "KHAOS" Stephenson

"Khaos- Complete disorder and confusion, behavior so unpredictable that it seems random, the formless matter suppose to have existed before the universe was created."

I’m Siaire Stephenson, pronounced Sy-Air. I was born in a small city on the outskirts of Orlando, FL., called Kissimmee, in 1984. Born on March 20th, the cusp of Pisces and Aries, makes me a woman of many natural talents that I aspire to use daily. I hold a bachelors degree in Human Services with a minor in Psychology and I'm currently in school completing my Masters in Teaching. Children are my true passion and their education is at the top of my priority list. Eventually, I want to open my own school for underprivileged LGBTQ youths and provide them a safe place where they are free to be themselves while still receiving a quality education. 

As for my role in this sorority, I helped co-found it because I felt like I could be an essential part of what’s needed to make it an organization successful and I believed in Kharma's vision of bringing all women together through empowerment. When I wrote the purpose and mission, I wanted it to embody different type of women at different stages of their lives. Making membership available to all labels and races of lesbians and bisexuals was the start to empowering the women in our community. I wanted to prove that all women can work well together no matter what attire they choose to wear, as long as there was a common goal. My hope is for this organization to become one that will stand the test of time and better the communities we live in as a whole.


#3 Kookie "KHARMA" Stephenson 

"Kharma - destiny or fate, following as effect from a cause, the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence."

I’m Kookie Stephenson, born Precious Robinson, in Orlando, FL., in the glorious year of 1987. I attended Orlando Christian Prep majority of my life and graduated in 2005. Currently, I’m a chef with a new passion for cooking!! My goal is to become executive head chef in the next 2 years. Some of my hobbies include dancing, singing (even though I can't), and learning new things. My favorite colors are green and black, and some of my favorite foods are sushi, pizza and any type of sandwich. 

I helped co-found Eta Kappa Rho Sorority Incorporated because I have always wanted to be a part of a sorority and build a bond with like-minded women, but I could never find one that I felt my quirky ways would fit into. So I decided to just start my own but had no idea on where to begin so I asked Khaos for her help and knowledge of the Greek life. And through her and her best friend Empress help, this dream was born, in hopes to finally unify all women, everywhere! Women empowerment is on the rise and Eta Kappa Rho WILL be here for it.